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Thighmaster Exercises Instructions: Complete Guide

The ThighMaster is for much more than just leg workouts, despite what its name might imply. You can use this resistance-based exercise machine to work out the majority of your body, from your arms to your legs. However, there are two different types of ThighMaster, so the exercises differ between products.

ThighMaster Gold Vs. ThighMaster LBX

The ThighMaster LBX (also referred to as the ButtMaster) and the ThighMaster Gold are the two different types of ThighMaster products. Both are resistance tools, and they resemble one another greatly.

The main difference is that the ThighMaster LBX is a little bit longer than the ThighMaster Gold and has a slight curve on the ends. Due to this minor feature, this product allows for the performance of a wider variety of ThighMaster exercises.
According to its advertising, the ThighMaster Gold can help tone and tighten your thighs, especially your inner thighs. In contrast, the ThighMaster LBX is advertised as a product that can help tone and tighten your hips, glutes, and outer thighs.

These items can be used for more than just your lower body, though. Arms, shoulders, chest, and back can all be exercised with the ThighMaster Gold and ThighMaster LBX.

Performing ThighMaster Exercises

The Inner Thigh Exercise

The main exercise the ThighMaster was designed for is this thigh workout. Your adductor muscles are the specific targets.

1. Put your feet together and take a seat. Make sure the chair you pick supports your back.
2. With each handle pressed against your inner thighs, position the ThighMaster between your knees. Place your hands on the corresponding handles and relax.
3. Your knees should first be brought together, then slowly separated.
4. Ten to twelve repetitions at first. If you discover that 10 to 12 reps are too simple, feel free to increase the number of reps to 20 to 30.

The Chest and Breast Exercise

One limb is frequently worked out at a time during ThighMaster exercises. You must move both arms at once while performing this exercise. and can work the biceps, triceps, chest, shoulder, and back muscles.

1. Hold the upper part of the ThighMaster’s handles with one hand on either side of the yellow connecting cap. The length of the ThighMaster’s handles should be where your arms rest.
2. Squeeze the ThighMaster with your elbows as you slowly move your arms together. As much as you can, try to bring your elbows together.
3. Ten to twelve times, repeat.

Lifting your forearms up to shoulder height will make this exercise more challenging. Parallel to the floor is how they ought to be.

Thighmaster Exercises Instructions: Complete Guide

The Upper Back Exercise

Your lats and deltoids are worked out by this ThighMaster exercise.

1. Put one of the ThighMaster’s handles against your side, just under your arm. The yellow cap connecting the two handles should rest against the front of your chest, and your arm will be slightly raised. Take hold of the yellow cap with your raised arm.
2. With your other arm, secure the ThighMaster in place.
3. Squeeze so that the arm with the ThighMaster underneath it is being pushed down by you. Push down so that your elbow’s interior moves toward your hip.
4. As you return the ThighMaster to its starting position, resist.
5. At least ten times, then switch to the opposite arm. A controlled and gradual repetition pace is essential.

ThighMaster Exercises Vs. Other Workouts

Approximately 80% of Americans don’t exercise enough, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Though moderate to vigorous exercise is preferred, any increase in physical activity can be good for your health.

ThighMaster exercises are a simple way for people to exercise at home, especially if they like to multitask. They may also be the best option if you can only exercise a portion of your body while healing from an injury.

However, compound exercises are probably a better option for the majority of people. This is so that, compared to isolation exercises, compound exercises are more efficient and effective. Unfortunately, isolation exercises make up the majority of ThighMaster exercises.

Compound exercises, as per the American Council on Exercise (ACE), enable the simultaneous use of multiple muscle groups. On the other hand, the Australian Fitness Academy describes isolation movements as exercises that concentrate on a single muscle or muscle group.

Although compound exercises may sound difficult, many everyday exercises, including push-ups and pull-ups, fall into this category. Compound exercises like squats, loaded carries, and deadlifts are also encouraged by the ACE. Squats and deadlifts are probably the exercises that will work your thighs the best.

Close Note: Start Slowly

Don’t be misled by the name; the ThighMaster is not just a fantastic way to trim and tone your thighs; it also works wonders on the rest of your body. In as little as 20 to 30 minutes per day, using this piece of exercise gear on your arms, chest, legs, and other body parts can make you look and feel slimmer and more attractive.